Romanian – French – English

Interpreter and translator

Graduate of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

(Faculty of business management in French)

A.P.I. T. (Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters) Member

Authorization no. 30524/2010 (exchanged in the year 2016)


Professional interpreter and translator since 2010, graduate of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, French language stream, Ciupa Anca offers interpreting, translation and collation services for French and English.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of written and oral translations, Ciupa Anca makes available to her beneficiaries her linguistic skills in order to translate any type of document, with the guarantee of irreproachable quality of the specialized service.

Her main field of study and her professional skills reflect a thorough grasp on language, strengthened by special attention to detail and neat writing developed along her language training.

Her experience and solid scientific and technical general knowledge make it possible for Ciupa Anca  to translate large-scale documents and projects, specialized handbooks or any other type of document in a wide variety of areas and fields, such as technology, industry, health or security, economy, commerce, medicine.

In addition to her university and professional knowledge, Ciupa Anca performs daily documentary research in her working languages ​​through a top selection of specialized dictionaries and she frequently uses linguistic sources such as: (IATE

Ciupa Anca  is also invited to events and provides interpreting services in Bucharest as well as abroad. She accompanies you and proposes to you, according to the nature of the mission, adapted interpreter technique: simultaneous, consecutive or liaison interpreting.


According to the International Association of Conference Interpreters, the combination of languages ​​for interpreting must necessarily include the mother tongue. Thus, to guarantee quality, accurate and reliable service, Ciupa Anca proposes the following combinations of languages: French-Romanian, English -Romanian.

Performing interpreting requires, for the perfect conduct of the event, meticulous preparation of the subject, including a thorough study of the documentation provided by the client and the drawing up of a glossary with all the technical terms.

For a multilingual event that requires participation of different nationalities’ representatives, Ciupa Anca proposes organizing a team of professional interpreters, graduates, corresponding to the customers’ needs and provides customers with the full technical material needed (cabins, microphones, headphones).

According to the nature of the requirements, you will be offered an adapted interpreting technique:

  • Simultaneous interpreting

Conferences, congresses, colloquia, symposiums, trainings

  • Consecutive interpreting

Meetings, openings, site visits, business meetings, interviews, teleconferences

  • Liaison interpreting

Business travelers, telephone conferences, salon


Ciupa Anca performs translation services into/from French and English, including bilingual.

Every translation is subject to high-quality professional work tailored to the beneficiaries’ projects, combining rigor and deadline meeting, as well as confidentiality of documents and data.

Some translation areas where Ciupa Anca is an expert:

– translating from Romanian to French product catalogs, presentations, as well as application files for public tenders (switches, routers, integrated network solutions) for the private construction company Rotary Constructions

– translating from French into Romanian of industrial technical documentation and activity reports of market research in the cement sector in Africa for Delta ACM

– translating into French of numerous official reports for the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

– English-French translation of the physician’s manual written by Charlotte Weaver « Pioneer in Cranial Osteopathy »,  published by The Osteopathic Cranial Academy (2010)

The translation domains are as follows:

  • Technical (instructions for use, user manual and maintenance, technical datasheet)
  • Cultural (catalogs of exhibitions, programs, subtitles, scenarios)
  • Journalism (articles, reports, interviews, criticism, press releases)
  • Travel (guide, travel catalog)
  • Advertising (brochures, prospects, posters, invitations)
  • IT (software, web site, email)
  • Economic, commercial, administrative (specifications, market studies, regulations)


Ciupa Anca  also proposes collation (proofreading) service for texts already translated into French or English.

When the quality of a document must be „perfect”, it may be subject to a quality check and entrusted to a native correction. Thus, to reach the required quality, Ciupa Anca controls the consistency of the text, the style, and the linguistic register, and makes all necessary changes including the following corrections:

  • Syntactic correction
  • Grammar correction
  • Spell correction
  • Typographical correction

With the help of the collation service, verification, correction or revision of some translations by other translators will be carried out for the maximum quality of the translation of the beneficiary. Particular attention will be paid to grammatical errors, accuracy of translation versus the original text, coherent expression, and text formatting.

At the request of the beneficiary, emphasis may be placed on both style and spelling, or both at the same time.

For the safety of your business, I recommend the collation services offered before:

–          publishing a novel, an encyclopedia or any other literary text;

–          publishing articles, brochures, advertising materials etc;

–          publishing annual reports, press releases, notifications or any other statement.


Alexandru Birsan | 2020-10-13

I thank you especially for your professionalism, promptness and especially your kindness and involvement you have shown us! I appreciate that you have complied with the terms on which we agreed, as well as the fact that you have achieved what you assumed!  Without any doubt I will continue to request in faith your services!

Delia Otcu | 2019-08-08

Thank you have given evidence of professionalism, I appreciate much promptness, quality of service and the opening and effective communication with customers.  We will continue to collaborate iwth you with trust and pleasure.

Andreea Saramet | 2019-08-24

Collaborate with Dna. Anca Ciupa of approx. 2 months on a regular basis.  Up till now we are very satisfied with the quality of her services. She responds rapidly and delivers on time. I strongly recommend!

Marius | 2020-05-10

The services requested have connection with the attainment of translation of legal documents for a house law firm.  The involvement, quality and timeliness of services have been great.  Also, the communication and availability of which have given evidence of the representatives of the clerical errors have been remarkable.  Thank you.

Heloise King | 2020-04-12

I had appealed to the services of Mrs.Ciupa Anca, finds this site on the internet.  I have been extremely appreciative not only the services at high standards and professionalism, but also open and friendly approach, exceptional communication, the exact understanding of the situation and the rapidity of the service.  I will continue to work with these wonderful persons, which they recommend with heat.

Raluca Barb-Lefevre | 2019-12-12

Reactivity, flexibility and fairness, accompanied by a very agreeable relationiship.

The latest translated projects:

  • Devenir roi ou rester pion”, auteur Andy Hertz, Publié par Independently Published house, Septembre 2020, traduction du Roumain vers le Français;
  • The drop and the ocean”, author Mihail Petru Lungu, Published by STAR TIPP publishing house, August 2020, translation from Romanian to English
  • Moved to the Countryside – A timeless Life. From London to Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania, author Andy Hertz, Published by BERG TIPP publishing house, February 2020, translation from Romanian to English
  • Pioneer în Cranial Osteopathy”, author Charlotte Weaver, September 2018, translation from English to French


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